go to heaven for the climate, hell for the company.

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driving is so dangerous ur literally controlling a giant metal contraption with a circle and some foot buttons

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What if everything was just a bad dream and you wake up to a perfect life

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"…I was not myself for weeks yet nobody noticed."
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but when did i start saying ‘yo’ unironically

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my thirst for older men is strong

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if u dont know how to respond to something just say “how dare you”

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i’m not kidding the worst sound ever is the crack in the voice of a person who is about to cry

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"I don’t want to lose you.’ His voice almost a whisper. Seeing his haggard expression, she took his hand and squeezed it, then reluctantly let it go. She could feel the tears again, and she fought them back. ‘But you don’t want to keep me, either, do you?’ To that, he had no response."

Nicholas SparksThe Rescue (via feellng)

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a support group for people who started saying YAAAAAAS ironically and now can’t stop

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